2016 Award of Excellence by the Marine Fabricators Association

Each year the Marine Fabricators Association hosts a design competition -- the Fabrication Excellence Awards. This year we submitted one of our recently completed projects into the competition. We are extremely proud and happy to share with you that our submission was selected out of 109 entrees for the2016 Award of Excellence.

Our awarded project was the refit of a Friendship 40 daysailer. Our work included the design and fabrication of new interior and exterior upholstery and cushions, a new mattress and bedding, and outfitting the boat with accessories such as a mast cover and linens. Our project was selected for the award based on its complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function.


Spring Checklist for the Yachtsman

After this harsh winter we all experienced in New England, I think it is safe to assume we are all welcoming the recent signs of spring! For New England boat owners, spring is a season of promise and excitement as we begin to prepare for a fun-filled summer on the water! There is a long checklist of items on a boat that need tuning or replacement prior to it's first run of the season. Some of these items include engines, hoses & fuel, as well as batteries, navigation & electrical systems. Often times 'soft-good' items such as cushions, upholstery, mattresses & bedding go overlooked.

Here is our spring checklist for your yacht's interior:

1.   It is important to check your soft-good items for mold or mildew. Check the non-visible areas, such as the foam inside of a cushion, too. If you see spores or those small black spots, you have a mold problem and it is time to replace those cushions! Don't forget to check the items used in the exterior areas of the boat such as deck or cockpit cushions, as they are often most susceptible to develop mold.

2.   Mold and mildew aren't the only reasons to replace cushions or upholstery. After years of use, many upholstered pieces such as salon settees or driving seats will show signs of aging. Perhaps the foam has lost its form, the fabric is tearing or the vinyl/leather is cracked, or there are tears in the seams... it is time to invest in new upholstery.

3.   Did you find your mattress to be less than comfortable for sleeping on last summer? If you spend a good amount of time aboard your boat overnight, asses investing in a new mattress. Many boats come off the production line with flimsy bunk cushions or stiff mattresses, which make for an uncomfortable night's sleep. Consider investing in a custom mattress which will provide you with years of comfortable use. An alternative option may be to purchase a custom mattress "pillow" topper which can act as a soft cushion atop a stiff mattress.

4.   In addition to a good mattress, you should have a complete bedding set for your overnight cruises. Often times boat mattresses are not standard sizes, they are custom in both size and shape to fit into the tight quarters of your stateroom. As a result, it is often difficult, if not impossible to use an off the shelf sheet set or comforter on your bunk. Ordering custom bedding not only provides you with proper fitting linens, but also a custom, tailored look that meets your style and needs. If you cruise for longer periods of time, purchase two sets of sheets so that you can switch out sheets while underway, without having to stop at a port to do laundry.

5.   Be prepared to entertain aboard! Outfit your galley with the essentials to create an appealing table scape - melamine dinnerware, serving ware, tumblers and (plastic) wine glasses. Keep one or two hurricane lanterns with accompanying pillar candles aboard; they create nice lighting on the aft deck or in the cockpit. Throw pillows add warmth and comfort and can dress up any settee down below or or deck, so keep a few extra on hand to bring out when guests are aboard.

Color of the Month: Winter Green

Some of our favorite colors are mint green, seafoam & turquoise. When paired with a neutral base, such as ivory the combination can create a relaxing space. Our Color of the Month for March is Winter Green, a pastel green color tone that is both soothing and calming.

The color can be applied in any room in your home. Transform your master bedroom into a tranquil, relaxing space by painting the walls or adding linens to the bed in a shade of mint.

Not ready to remodel your kitchen with pastel green cabinets? Find accent pieces in the tone, such as small appliances, dinnerware, or reupholster your dining chairs with a mint green fabric.

Already have a Winter Green room in your home? Share it with us!

New England Boat Show 2015

I braved the impending snow storm and took a trip up to Boston on Saturday to visit the New England Boat Show. I'm so glad I did! It was a pleasant change from the last few months to view boats in a warm client (it's an indoor show), and it was great to see so many of our industry friends. Whether you're a sailor or power boater, salt water or fresh water, jet-skier or pontooner,  there are plenty of boats on display and surely something for everyone. This year's show is bigger than last year's with more companies & boats on display. The show runs through next Sunday, February 21st, so be sure to check it out!

Color of the Month: Frost

These last few weeks in New England have brought a lot of snow, freezing temperatures and ice. The current weather conditions have inspired the Color of the Month for February: Frost! In my mind the shades of Frost consist of cool greys, silvers & icy blues. I chosen furnishings in these tones for a frost-inspired bedroom.

Light Up Your Look

There are many different avenues of design - graphic design, industrial design, landscape design, web design, fashion design, and interior design, just to name a few. While many designers specialize in one field of design, we are always looking to each other for ideas and inspiration. For some interior designers, their favorite outfit or piece of apparel may inspire a fashion-forward room.

I was asked by the home decor retailer One King's Lane to participate in their "Light Up Your Look" Campaign, which is part of their Fashion-Forward Furniture series. For this campaign I have paired my favorite statement piece of jewelry with a fabulous chandelier!

I have been coveting the Elsa Peretti Black Cuff (Tiffany & Co.) for many years! It's organic shape and clean lines have made it a timeless statement piece of jewelry. The large cuff's elongated shape reminded me of the black shades on the Jean-Louis Chandelier by Currey & Company.

Currey & co Jean-Louis chandelier.jpg

Beautiful Shades of Grey

Grey is often associated with dreary, cold, depressing, gloomy, & dismal. But I associate grey with beautiful, modern, posh, & sophisticated (Take one look in my closet & you'll notice half of my wardrobe is grey!) I want to share a few of my favorite grey rooms with you, in hopes that they will inspire you to decorate a in your home around the shade, too. Be daring, be bold & don't be afraid to try something new!

Home Remodeling Rhode Island Maloney Interiors.jpg
Interior Decorator in Rhode Island Maloney Interiors.jpg
Interior Design in Massachusetts by Maloney Interiors.jpg
Interior Designer in Rhode Island Maloney Interiors.jpg
nterior Designer Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut New York_Maloney Interiors.jpg
Interior Designers & Decorators Connecticut Maloney Interiors.jpg

New Flooring Products You Don't Want To Miss!

Spring is just around the corner (I know, I know it's only 27 degrees here this morning! but trust me, it's just around the corner) which means 'home improvement season' is about to begin! Many homeowners will embark on home improvement projects this Spring, whether it be a kitchen renovation, redecorating the family room or master bedroom, or simply replacing a few worn-out pieces of furniture. If you plan on replacing any flooring in your home, be it tile, hardwoods, carpeting or even area rugs, check out these new products.

Cut Pile Area Rugs: The Watercolor Collection by Tsar composed of 17 New Zealand wool and bamboo-silk carpets

One of my favorite designers, Kelly Wearstler has done it again! She's designed the beautiful Astral Rug for The Rug Company.

Another one of my favorites, the Sicis tile company has introduced mosaic tiles in black and white marble with iridescent black Murano glass.

New Ravenna Mosaics introduces "Luc" - white marble with gold-leaf-backed clear glass

And lets not forget a good-old hardwood floor, or is it? Check out this engineered hardwood by Fuse Flooring.

Home Remodeling Trends For 2015

Smart Home Technology

Integration Technology & Utilities Tracking are hot topics in the building world right now. Home security systems are nothing new, but combine your home's security camera system with motion, smoke and intruder detectors, as well as lighting, shade and lock controls and you've got a whole new system. This is the system that Honeywell has developed. Smart outlets allow the homeowner to monitor, control & reduce energy consumption - lowering your electricity bills. Hydro Link Plus by EcoWater Systems is a water treatment system that not only softens and treats your water, but it also monitors for excessive water usage and continuous water flow.


Smart device-controlled appliances have hit the market. LG's "Smart ThinQ" appliances incorporate "Smart Access" allowing the homeowner to monitor and control their appliances with a touch of their smartphone or tablet - from anywhere! This includes running loads of laundry while working at the office, preheating your oven on the drive home from soccer practice, or checking on your refrigerator's contents while browsing the isles of your supermarket. 

Rhode Island Kitchen Remodel Interior Designer Maloney Interiors.jpg

Bathroom Remodeling in 2015

Touchless fixtures such as bathroom faucets with sensors have been around for a while - you encounter such fixtures every day whether at the mall, at your favorite restaurant or at an airport - the idea being the fewer surfaces you have to touch the less germs you'll catch. So why not bring these fixture into our homes too? Kohler and Delta have introduced touchless toilets for residential use, and we anticipate to see these installed in many homes this year.


NKBA, The National Kitchen & Bath Association predicts that contemporary designs will dominate the bathroom remodeling market this year. Zen-like bathrooms achieve their calm vibes through simplicity, minimalism and clean, sleek lines.

Rhode Island Bathroom Interior Design Maloney Interiors.jpg

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design and building practices are gaining attention. We all realize the impact that our lives have on the environment; therefor we should all be making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Architects, designers & builders can help their clients make "green" building decisions for their new home. You can start by sourcing local materials - for example, if you are building a new home in New England, choose to build with stones that come from local quarries and source raw wood that was locally harvested and processed, rather than choosing stones or woods that would need to be shipped from Spain or Italy. Also consider salvaging materials from your home renovation or from an offsite demolition. This practice is economical and eliminates waste.

Color of the Month: Winter White

We have added a new monthly post to our blog for 2015 - 'Color of the Month'. Each month we will choose a different color that inspires us & source products that you can purchase to redecorate your home in the month's new hue.

This month's color is winter white. We hope our chosen furniture & decorative accent pieces inspire you to lighten & brighten a space in your home using the color white!

Newport International Boat Show - It's A Wrap!

We had a fantastic four days at The Newport International Boat Show in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island! We were blessed with good weather, fantastic crowds and great friends!

Newport International Boat Show.JPG

Day One (Thursday) was sunny and warm on the docks and inside of the tents. Attendees were lined up outside of the gates by 9:30am, waiting to get in! We wrapped up the day with cocktails, a pig roast and good company at Newport Shipyard.

 Ally Maloney of Maloney Interiors, David Lacz & Deb McCall of  Bartram & Brakenhoff

Ally Maloney of Maloney Interiors, David Lacz & Deb McCall of Bartram & Brakenhoff

Day Two (Friday) brought another steady stream of visitors through the show. Boaterstube.com stopped by our booth to speak with us about our business, products and services. Be sure to keep an eye out for our 30 second interview with Erik! That evening the exhibitors enjoyed themselves over hor d'oeuvres and drinks. We met up with our friend Mike from Handcraft Mattress Company... be sure to contact him for your next boat mattress purchase, he's the best!

Day Three (Saturday) we arrived in Newport a little early to get on board a Sea Ray Sundancer that needs a new headliner. We met with the owners, took some photos and measurements, and will be in touch with them shortly with a project estimate! Then off to our booth we went. The show was packed - by far the busiest of the four days. We spoke with many friendly boaters, and answered many questions about marine grade products and custom manufacturing.

Day Four (Sunday) we were on board another boat by 8:30 am to measure for new blinds and look at another torn headliner. Then back over to the Newport Yachting Center for the final day of the boat show.

Newport International Boat Show

New England Nautical in 6 Easy Steps

Looking for a way to turn your drab room into a beautiful, nautically inspired space? Take inspiration from this design board, created by Principal Designer Ally, and follow a few of her easy suggestions to turn drab into fab!

 A:  Weaver Pendant Light by  Satelight  ; B: Sofa by Mr. & Mrs. Howard for  Sherrill Furniture ; C: Lobster Print by  East End Fish Prints ; D: Flat-woven Sisal Rug by  Stark Carpet ; E:  Visual Comfort  Floor Lamp; F: Vintage Hermes Trunks

A: Weaver Pendant Light by Satelight; B: Sofa by Mr. & Mrs. Howard for Sherrill Furniture; C: Lobster Print by East End Fish Prints; D: Flat-woven Sisal Rug by Stark Carpet; E: Visual Comfort Floor Lamp; F: Vintage Hermes Trunks

Step One: Start with a clean slate. Try painting your walls white. I prefer Benjamin Moore's Distant Gray #2124-70

Step Two: Choose two or three colors and stick with them! Simplicity is often key - my navy, red and white theme is a good example of this. Sticking with two or three colors will help you maintain order while decorating, and will prevent the space from turning into a smorgasbord with too much color or variety.

Step Three: Cover old damaged floors with an over-sized area rug. I have chosen a flat-woven sisal rug from Stark Carpet

Step Four: Replace a few key pieces of furniture. This will probably be the most expensive addition to your new space, but if chosen carefully, the right furnishings can make all the difference! If redecorating a living room, consider choosing a casual white linen "slipcover' style sofa, such as the one I've included on the design board. If redecorating a dining room or bedroom, look for furniture with a white wash finish or pieces constructed from bleached wood. This will add a coastal cottage feel to any room.

Step Five: Lighting! Many people don't incorporate light and lighting fixtures into their design themes. I have sourced two different nautically inspired fixtures for the design board, shown above. Consider using these, or similar fixtures in your nautical space. Make sure to use a variety of fixture types - pendants, hung from the ceiling, table lamps set atop end tables and sideboards, as well as floor lamps.

Step Six: Accessorize with interchangeable pieces such as throw pillows, floor pouf pillows, wall art, garden stools, and storage bins. Use small decorative accents like bowls, picture frames, vases, statues and miniature models to add color and flair.


We hope these six steps, as well as our design board will help you draw inspiration for your next design project! Contact Maloney Interiors to help you get started on your next project or home renovation. Happy decorating!