Capri chic meets Newport nautical

Grace DiMeglio Sandals

The sandals are made by hand in a factory in Brazil, from top grain cowhide and aluminum chain, which means it will not rust or conduct heat. Design details include a small decorative anchor at the end of the chain, an inverted heel, a Newport Rhode Island logo on the upper and lower sole, the rope detail in the anchor turns left and right. The adjustable closure is a lobster claw clasp. The dust bag can actually be used as a beach tote, with rope pull. Sandals are available in tan, navy, orange, silver & off white.

When Grace was 18, her mother took her to live in Italy on the island of Ischia. Grace, then a restless teenager stopped into a little shop, and for some reason, bought this anchor applique. The next day she went to the local cobbler and together they designed this sandal. Grace wore those sandals for years and saved the applique for decades. When Grace’s mother passed away, she decided that recreating these sandals would be her tribute to her late mother, from that adventure so many years ago.

The sandals are currently available for sale at Ocean Reef in the Keys. The sandals retail between $198-225, but through this post are being offered at a special for $130 through PayPal, for limited quantities. To place an order, contact Grace directly through her Facebook page and mention this blog.