Redefining A Superyacht Owner's Stateroom

We designed this multi-purpose, multi-functional headboard for an owner’s stateroom. The inspiration for this piece came from the concept of eliminating the need for an owner’s suite to consist of a stateroom with separate sitting room and study room. Through this headboard design, all three spaces’ functions have been incorporated into one furniture piece, saving room on board the vessel.

The headboard is a modern design consisting of clean lines and smooth curves. One of the piece’s functions is it’s use as a headboard for the bed. There are built-in nightstands with drawer storage beneath. Each bedside has a power outlet and three-way power switch to control the recessed reading lamps. Because the piece is intended to be installed in the center of the stateroom, rather than along any bulkheads, the bed sits on the front side of the headboard, while it’s other two functioning components are located on the back side of the headboard.

Built into the back side is a flat screen TV and speaker system, providing the entertainment for the owner’s ‘sitting area’. When not watching TV the owner may, by pressing a button, transform the entertainment unit into a workstation. The TV drops down, transforming into a desktop surface. Here the owner can sit at his or her desk to work while aboard the vessel. Built into the back of the desk area are storage compartments for filing papers, storing a laptop and small office supplies. There are also power outlets for charging a laptop or other work device, as well as a power switch for controlling the recessed task lamp.