New England Nautical in 6 Easy Steps

Looking for a way to turn your drab room into a beautiful, nautically inspired space? Take inspiration from this design board, created by Principal Designer Ally, and follow a few of her easy suggestions to turn drab into fab!

A:  Weaver Pendant Light by  Satelight  ; B: Sofa by Mr. & Mrs. Howard for  Sherrill Furniture ; C: Lobster Print by  East End Fish Prints ; D: Flat-woven Sisal Rug by  Stark Carpet ; E:  Visual Comfort  Floor Lamp; F: Vintage Hermes Trunks

A: Weaver Pendant Light by Satelight; B: Sofa by Mr. & Mrs. Howard for Sherrill Furniture; C: Lobster Print by East End Fish Prints; D: Flat-woven Sisal Rug by Stark Carpet; E: Visual Comfort Floor Lamp; F: Vintage Hermes Trunks

Step One: Start with a clean slate. Try painting your walls white. I prefer Benjamin Moore's Distant Gray #2124-70

Step Two: Choose two or three colors and stick with them! Simplicity is often key - my navy, red and white theme is a good example of this. Sticking with two or three colors will help you maintain order while decorating, and will prevent the space from turning into a smorgasbord with too much color or variety.

Step Three: Cover old damaged floors with an over-sized area rug. I have chosen a flat-woven sisal rug from Stark Carpet

Step Four: Replace a few key pieces of furniture. This will probably be the most expensive addition to your new space, but if chosen carefully, the right furnishings can make all the difference! If redecorating a living room, consider choosing a casual white linen "slipcover' style sofa, such as the one I've included on the design board. If redecorating a dining room or bedroom, look for furniture with a white wash finish or pieces constructed from bleached wood. This will add a coastal cottage feel to any room.

Step Five: Lighting! Many people don't incorporate light and lighting fixtures into their design themes. I have sourced two different nautically inspired fixtures for the design board, shown above. Consider using these, or similar fixtures in your nautical space. Make sure to use a variety of fixture types - pendants, hung from the ceiling, table lamps set atop end tables and sideboards, as well as floor lamps.

Step Six: Accessorize with interchangeable pieces such as throw pillows, floor pouf pillows, wall art, garden stools, and storage bins. Use small decorative accents like bowls, picture frames, vases, statues and miniature models to add color and flair.


We hope these six steps, as well as our design board will help you draw inspiration for your next design project! Contact Maloney Interiors to help you get started on your next project or home renovation. Happy decorating!