Interview with Not Your Average Throw

We sat down with Shannon Atherton, founder of Not Your Average Throw, to discuss her new company and products.

Not Your Average Throw designs and creates custom, hand-made pillows in Massachusetts. Offering a wide variety of color and pattern choices, you can work with Shannon to design your perfect pillow, or select a pre-designed pillow from her website NotYourAverageThrow

Q: Tell us about the history behind Not Your Average Throw

A: I have been sewing off and on since childhood. In kindergarten, I made my first quilt with my Aunt, which I still have. We made it while I was home sick with the chicken pox. My grandmother also used to enjoy sewing and it was something that we did together as well. I was recently given my great-grandmother’s Singer sewing machine from 1935, so it’s kind of fun for me to know that I am the third generation of women in my family sewing on that machine.


Q: Tell us why you chose to start creating pillows

A: I have always been the type of person that has loved to make and create things, which is what drew me to working in architecture. Sewing has a design aspect , that along with architecture, allows you to create and manipulate the space around you. In architecture, you do this with walls and light, that sort of thing. With sewing it is more of an accent, color and texture add to the mood of a space. I think pillows and accents are the  easiest way to change up a room and the feel of a space.


Q: What are your future plans for Not Your Average Throw?

A: Right now we are doing pillows, but in the future I would love to branch out to other home décor items, like curtains, blankets, and maybe even homemade candles, in addition to the wall art and photography that we currently have as well.

Shop Not Your Average Throw at one of their upcoming shows:
August 9: "Wicked Etsy", Plymouth Pinehills, Plymouth, MA 10a-3p
August 16: VFW, 193 Dean St. Norwood, MA 10a-4p
September 14: "SOWA Open Market", 460 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 10a-4p
September 27-28: Hingham, MA, more information to follow