Embellishing With Trim

I LOVE embellishing with passementerie! Trimmings often go overlooked by designers, but the devil is in the detail so don't overlook the impact that trimmings can make in your next decorating project! From tassels to fringe, pom-poms to tape, rope cord to contrast welt, and more there are endless options for trimmings. Their application is where you can become really creative!

Tapes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Dress what could have been an otherwise bland item using the picture frame technique by applying tape with mitered corners to the face of a pillow (photos 2, 3, 5, & 7), chair or sofa cushion, bedspread or duvet (photo 8), or to a curtain or roman shade (photo 13).  A less common form of embellishment is the frog fastener, a decorative braided closure that can add unexpected detail to your decor. Consider applying it to a chair or sofa skirt (photo 2), a pleated table skirt, the pleated corners of a bedspread, or to a throw pillow (photo 3).  Similarly, appliqués can be applied to a skirt or pillow and come in many shapes, sizes and colors such as the navy greek key appliqué as show in photo 6.

Pom-poms, tassels and fringe have made a popular statement in fashion over the last year. Why stop with our wardrobes? Brush fringe is commonly used to dress the edging of throw pillows (photos 9 & 10) and can also be applied to  your sofa cushion or to the frame for a fun and fluffy accent (photos 1 & 4). Pom-pom fringe is a playful accent that also works well on a pillow (photo 5) or to trim your shades (photo 12). Fringes come in a variety of styles, if you're in search of something unique a teardrop fringe may do the trick (photos 13 & 7).  Who says trimmings are only used on indoor decor? There is a large variety of outdoor trimmings available, too so your outdoor living space can be just as stylishly detailed as your interior (photos 9 & 10).